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Bible Radio Productions is a registered not-for-profit charity that promotes knowledge of the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ by radio wherever possible around the world. Our team of volunteers produces a weekly 15 minute program called Bible Adventures. This program is based on the dramatized Bible done by Bible in Living Sound and follows in a consistent cycle through the Old and New Testaments. Our primary broadcast target areas are the eastern and western nations of Central Africa.

Each program consists of: narrations written around the drama segment and a piece of the drama itself.

Listeners are encouraged to live God-honouring lives as the positive aspects, as well as the faults and failings, of Bible heroes unfold during the Bible accounts of many historical events.

Bible Radio Productions is a "Living by Faith" organisation and relies on the prayers and donations of our Australian team of supporters to continue the work. Donations are tithed to bring honour to God. Listeners write to tell us their spiritual growth and requests for Christian literature.

In many countries of the world English is an official language but the people speak in their own native language much of the time. The Bible Adventures programs are written in easy to understand English. For those who wish to improve their reading and speaking skills, the words of the narrations in each program can be viewed or downloaded and watched as the professional announcer reads them.

Bible Radio produces a three-monthly magazine called Beacon. For those interested in becoming prayer supporters please write or email for the latest copy. (Within Australia only.)

Contact us via our Contacts Page.